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Hey there!
I'm Ali Haydari, known as ALIREZA, a seasoned 3D Generalist on an exhilarating journey through the captivating realm of three-dimensional artistry. With nearly a decade of professional experience under my belt, I've successfully brought to life over 80 projects worldwide.
Currently, I proudly collaborate with BoxFX, while also embracing the freedom of freelance work and contract opportunities.
This virtual hub is your passport to exploring the very essence of my limitless creativity and artistic finesse. My true passion lies in crafting visually stunning wonders that transport viewers to realms beyond their wildest imagination. With a rich tapestry of partnerships with top-notch clients across various industries, including powerhouse brands and visionary minds, I possess the uncanny ability to transform your ideas into tangible masterpieces, meticulously crafted with every pixel.

My Skills!

Skills constantly evolving, embracing new software and technologies!

Cinema 4D: Powering Professional 3D Creation, Animation, Dynamic Simulation, and Rendering (8/10 Skill Level).

Redshift Render Engine: GPU renderer for fast 3D rendering (9/10 Skill Level). 

X-Particles: Dynamic Particle Simulation (6.5/10 Skill Level).

RealFlow Plugin: Fluid Simulation (7.5/10 Skill Level).

Adobe After Effects: Motion Graphics and Visual Effects (8/10 Skill Level). 

Adobe Photoshop: Image Editing (5/10 Skill Level).
Adobe Illustrator: Vector Design (3/10 Skill Level).
3DEqualizer: Power of Camera Tracking and Matchmoving (6/10 Skill Level).
Lumion: Architectural Visualization with Real-Time Rendering (9/10 Skill Level).
Unreal Engine: Real-Time 3D Animation Rendering (3/10 Skill Level).
Element 3D: High-Speed 3D Object-Based Particle Rendering Engine for After Effects (9.5/10 Skill Level).
Red Giant tools: Powerful Tools for Motion Graphics and Visual Effects (6/10 Skill Level).
Problem solving and Creativity! (10/10 Skill Level 😉)

Let's Create Something Extraordinary

I'm passionate about transforming ideas into captivating 3D visuals! whether it's for branding projects, commercials, or cinematic and film productions, or any creative endeavor in mind, I'm here to turn your vision into reality.
Let's make it remarkable and memorable.

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